The Procrastinators Club

A club supporting members whose time is yet to come!

An Invitation

What talents are you hiding? What might you achieve if only you could focus? Not allow yourself to be distracted from your goals? Were we not our own worst critic?

Procrastination is an insidious problem for many of us. If we are the architects of our destiny then procrastination is the first hurdle to success - a cleverly constructed set of shape-shifting obstacles that do whatever it can to sap our confidence and stop us from reaching our potential.

If that makes sense to you then you should consider joining the Procrastination Club. Before giving up hope on achieving anything meaningful, I formed this club as a means to release my own creativity. I am sick of having so many ideas not realized; so many projects started but embarrassingly incomplete; virtually nothing of my potential being exposed to the world.

Forming the Procrastination Club seemed like a good first step to healing myself. It is possible of course that it is yet another elaborate construct designed to avoid dealing with my professional commitments. Am I procrastinating yet again?

You decide!

What is clear is that no attempt at becoming productive will be effective if we allow ourselves to switch goals continually. The world may never know what we are capable of if we never "pull the trigger" and expose our efforts - allow our talents to be externally appraised!

Scary thought, isn't it. 

This club is about finding a lighthearted, safe way to confront our internal demons and gradually come to terms with them. And like all clubs, there rules that act as guiding principles that allow us to work towards common goals.

The five rules of Procrastination Club are:

  1. Do not beat yourself up
  2. Always be a work in progress
  3. Everyone contributes value
  4. We go further together
  5. This is only the beginning 

These rules also represent the different stages of the journey we can take to heal ourselves and get out of the self-defeating rut that procrastination can create.

If any of this resonates with you, please follow us on social media but ideally you will join us and be an active member of the Procrastination Club so we can work together to heal ourselves.

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